Sunday, January 29, 2012

We Fall, We Fall?

well thats always nice i suppose. a good concept right? apparently not. my boyfriend asks for pics every night. not pics for FB or anything decent enough to make a profile picture look humbling. no. pics that parents dont want to see or hear about ever. or even know exist. my boyfriend asks for them every night. he asks more than my clingy ex from canada asked. Not to mention 9 hour school days, parents that pester and wont leave like herpes on a pornstar. constant walk-ins. no time to even talk to him until around 2 am, and even then, i wake up for school 4 hours later. i literally have maybe 2 hrs to myself in the morning, and an hour to myself in the afternoon, let alone the naps i take when i can, without being rudely woken up. my boyfriend isnt greatful to how much time i devote to him. i text him all day every day, in class, when im showering, when im walking or jogging, when im playing minecraft, no matter what im doing, we're conversing. it kills me. other than that, what really bothers me is he thinks he's the only one who's trying. which is a big BULLSHIT stamped across his forehead. i wish he would open his eyes. all he says is "i just wanna sleep my life away" blah blah blah. rlly makes me feel like i do nothing in this relationship. >.<

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